TEST COGGINS obligatoire pour le championnat d’Europe

Posté le 5 août 2015

Coggins in Southern Bavaria, health certificates required for German horses who participate at the European Championship of American Quarter Horses!
Since there have been cases of positive coggins tests in southern Bavaria recently, the government veterinarian Office in Amberg (who oversees the European Championships) will require a health certificate for each horse entering the show grounds.
Horses, which arrive without a current health certificate, will be put into quaranti ne.
Please note that incorrect and/or incomplete documentation will result in extra fees and delays for the respective participant.

The form is mandatory for all horses traveling to Kreuth from Germany. Horses from abroad will be fine with their International Traces documents issued by their official vet.

Important for all participants:
The show management once again points out (cooperating with the vet office), that participating in the show is voluntary and is carried out at the participant’s own responsibility.
Entry fees cannot be refunded in case of scratching your entry.